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Medical Foster Home Care

VA Medical Foster Home - Where Heroes Meet Angels

The Medical Foster Home Program Provides veterans: 

  • An option to nursing home placement and long-term care
  • Care is provided at the expense of the veteran and his/her family or legal representative
  • Primary care in the home in partnership with the VA Home Based Primary Care
  • Alternative to dependent, chronically or terminally ill veterans with limited family support who prefer a community family setting for their long term care
  • Community-based living arrangement for adults who cannot live independently due to physical or mental problems or disabilities
  • Protection, personal care, and room and board with one-on-one attention in a family setting

Medical Foster Home Environment

  • Private / semi-private room
  • Variety of relationships
  • 24-hour supervision
  • Flexibility in daily routine
  • Choice
  • Permanent home
  • Safeguards against abuse
  • Signed contract between Medical Foster Home caregiver and the veteran, family, or legal representative
  • Possibility for pets

Medical Foster Home Benefits

  • Keeps the veteran in a safe and healing home setting
  • Provides long-term healthcare
  • Offers personal care in the community
  • Offers assisted living that is more affordable to veterans
  • Meets the increasing demand for long-term care services
  • Offers access to the Home Based Primary Care Team, including an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, Nurse, Social Worker, Dietician, Psychologist, and Therapist

Contact your primary care provider for information or a referral to the Medical Foster Home Program

Medical Foster Home (MFH) Program requirements for Homes:

  • Must be owned or rented by the caregiver, and the home must be the caregiver's actual place of residence
  • Be located, designed, equipped, and maintained to provide a home-like environment, safe care, and supervision for residents
  • Must be inspected by the Home Based Primary Care team and by the VA safety personnel
  • Meet all state and local licensure requirements and regulations, including construction, fire, maintenance, and sanitation regulations
  • Meet the proper provisions of the most current edition of the National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code

MFH Program requirements for Caregivers:

  • Complete an application and have an interview with the MFH Program Coordinator and other staff as needed, be financially stable, and be at least 21 years old
  • Have formal or informal experience in patient care
  • Have a criminal background check and provide three personal references
  • Be physically able to provide the needed care, and have a written backup plan with relief people if unable to provide care
  • Be able to tell the Home Based Primary Care team changes in the veteran’s normal appearance, behavior, or health, and be willing to accept and follow the veteran’s treatment plan
  • Ensure a friendly and homelike atmosphere within the residence

For more information, contact the Medical Foster Home Program Coordinator at (727) 395-2351, or Toll-free outside of Pinellas County at (888) 820-0230, extension 19651

Contact Info


  • Bay Pines VA Medical Center

Contact Number(s)

  • 727-398-6661 Ext. 19666

Hours of Operation

  • 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.